Being in the dog industry for as many years as I have, there seems to be a universal concern from Pet Parents who do not want their dog approached by strangers.

…How to tell others politely not to pet your dog!

Pet parents have many reasons for not wanting their dog’s touched by strangers. It may be for safety issues or concerns about dog behavior, but also someone may just want so me peace and quiet while taking their best bud along.

Perhaps the dog is snarly… Or perhaps the dog has been sick recently… Or the dog nips at children as their squeals of laughter or quick little feet get them nervous… Or the dog just does not like it!

Grinning Dog

Ok… So, we are not too sure if that is a smile – or a snarl…!! But he adores and protects your family!

The dog is not a BAD dog because he does not want to be touched by strangers. And you are not a BAD pet parent for yelling out to have someone pull back their child from approaching! But it feels that way. Doesn’t it?

My dog is a great dog and we go everywhere together. She was abused as a puppy and she does not like strangers touching her. That should not mean that my cup of java at Starbuck’s outside café needs to be ruined with verbal “Do Not Touch” warnings every two minutes. I should be able to walk my dog when others may be on the same route without worrying for her discomfort if someone approaches to pet her. When we have people to the house I vest her, as well, as a reminder that petting her is not what she wants.

As pet parents, it is our duty to keep our pets safe from the hands of others. And it goes without saying that we all have a firm responsibility to the safety of other people and children if our dog is a little snarly or may nip. The answer is to allow your dog to be your voice. Your dog can wear a clear highly visible warning.

Since we live in a society that respects our pets and touching them affectionately is just a natural thing we do, SHONGear Designs has just announced the introduction of a new high visibility vest called their “DO NOT PET” SHONVest .

THe NICE way to warn others that petting “Mr. Kisses” may not be the best idea!

The Do Not Pet SHONVest™ quickly alerts others not to approach and pet your companion.
Do Not Pet is a clear message.

The Vest is made from is a light weight, durable nylon that comes in an array of sizes from X-Small to X-Large to accommodate most different dog breeds. Here is a picture of Niecie wearing her vest.

Niecie’s vest took away my megaphone! And is now allowing me to enjoy an uninterrupted cup of java (not 100% of the time… but close) at our local coffee bar… and to feel good that my dog is wearing my voice! And people “hear” it nuch of the time. And most of all, Niecie can relax and enjoy being outside with me for a Sunday afternoon “Time Out”.

We hope that it does the same for you, as well. Go visit to check it out and order one today!

Kindest Regards,