Have you noticed that as summer time unfolds, there is a dramatic increase in the notices and emails that we see regarding lost pets?

With the kids home and doors opening more frequently, our companions often decide that it means freedom for them, as well.


In order to safeguard your pet from straying from your property, There are many products designed to help keep you pets home and safe. Many folks invest in an electronic fence which assists in keeping them safely on their property.

But what happens when your family is on vacation and your four legged companion bolts out of the car when you stop to gas-up, or when your pet sneaks out of an open motel door that your son left ajar? Safety is lost while your pet saunters off happily exploring all of the new scents. 

A stray pet is often viewed by locals as a local pet and they are ignored and allowed to explore until they are happened upon by animal control.  But that could be many days and many miles from your original location.

At SHONGear Designs, we believe that by marking your pet in a vest with vivid neon colors, it alerts others that see him — that your pet is a lost pet.

Mark your pet with a high alert SHONVest when leaving home for any reason, but especially when you are traveling.


Pets are more easily identified as being separated from their owner and they carry itinerary and owner information that can help promote a speedy reunion with your faithful companion. A SHONVest also carries important health information regarding your pet which can be immediately viewed and does not need a computer to read. If your pet is on medication, it can be securely carried in a water resistant pill container in a pill pocket.


Your pet’s safety when traveling, either locally or away from home, is paramount in keeping your pet from being separated from you and among the statistics of lost pets this Summer.
Visit us at www.SHONGear.com and view the array of products designed to keep our pets safe for dogs of all sizes and levels of curiosity!

Wishing you, your family and your faithful companion a healthy, happy and safe Summer!
Kindest Regards,