Even Santa marks his reindeers when they travel!!!

Well— the team here at SHONGear would like to think so! =)
…So ok… everyone recognizes Niecie in her reindeer antlers! But she is a luv muffin no matter how we dress her! Right?

Niecie is an extension of our hearts.
Just like your dog is to yours. And keeping them safe is a responsibility we all carry with us. The most common of times within the horrible statistics of the frequency of pet loss, is when we travel. And during holiday time, when so many of us are in the air and traveling by car with our dogs, the statistics on pet loss are staggering.

Some of the saddest times for many families during the holidays, is due to a loss of a pet.

Dogs are going to be dogs. They are going to want to sniff and explore. But the stories are many of dogs who escape from hotel rooms, or a car at a rest station, while just using their innate senses to seek release from their unfamiliar restrictions and small confines.

Many dogs escape their crates at the hands of airline personnel before boarding an airplane, are said to be often seen running across the tarmac into the streets of an unknown city.

So what happens when a dog runs? They get confused as to direction. They follow scent, but none of them are familiar. Lost dogs are often spotted by many, and just considered a common stray.

By marking your pet with the brightly marked Traveling Pet message on a vest, immediately people will recognize that the dog is not where he is supposed to be. Strangers who find the dog can quickly retrieve your itinerary, contact info and travel route in the waterproof container carried on their back. (No one wants to put their hand down to a strange dog’s throat area in case they may bite).
NO computer needed.
NO identity chip reader needed.
Most first responders who would find your dog, do not carry those with them readily! =)

We hear of many customers who have their dog returned without the dog going to the local Animal Control or having some horrible highway accident. This was our purpose when designing this vest.


We believe that by marking your dog, you are giving your dog an extra layer of protection and insurance to safeguard them. Please visit us a www.SHONGear.com to provide your dog that extra protection, as well.

So we are trying to get the word out there early this year, before holiday travel begins. In attempts to help vest your dog before the holidays, we are automatically upgrading all order shipping to Priority Mail at no extra cost when customers choose routine mail as shipping preference.

We are excited about the approaching holidays!
And we will be looking up into the skies on Christmas Eve to see if Santa uses the high visibility vests that we leave for his Reindeer this year! Especially for Rudolf. His bright red nose will just have everyone glowing!

Please mark your dogs and have a safe and happy holiday season, from the SHONGear Designs family, to yours!

Eyes to the skies on Christmas Eve, everyone!
Kindest Regards!