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Special Needs Dog Safety Alert Vest

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Our pets are so blessed to have available to them
quality veterinary care, nourishing foods and medical treatments to prolong and enrich their lives.

More pets are on prescriptions medications and special foods
in order to maintain their wellness.

Special Needs Pet SHONVest is a high visibility alert safety vest designed to alert others that your pet has special needs and to recognize that special attention is required for your pet.

If they are ever separated from their family,
they carry their story on your pet’s back, away from their mouth,
and medications in watertight containers
for ease of retrieval and treatment by anyone who comes upon them.

Vesting your pet helps empower others to care for your pet according to your Vet's instructions.

Help prevent medical complications which could endanger your pet.

Use your Special Needs Pet SHONVest while in public or when traveling to
visually alert people to your pet’s special circumstance.

All SHONVest designs are the ideal storm preparation or bad weather readiness care for special needs pets.
Protect them where there is potential risk of separation from their family.
The information and medication you provide could help them get home quickly.

Give your pet a solid chance at maintaining their wellbeing if separated from you.
Keep Them Safe

Available for Canine X-SM to X-LG andComing soonFeline SM & LG

Package Contents:

  • Special Needs Pet SHONVest™ With Hook & Loop Sealable Pocket
  • Package Insert
  • Instructions for Vesting Your Pet
  • Pet Information Container
  • 2 Water Resistant Pill Containers
  • Small Medical Detail Forms 6/Sheet
  • Sample Large Medical Detail Form
  • 3x3 Zip Pouch

Size Chart

  • X-Small: (4-8 lbs.)
  • Small: (9-16 lbs.)
  • Medium: (17-36 lbs.)
  • Large: (37-60 lbs. )
  • X-large: (61-95 lbs.)


DO NOT attach a leash or collar to the SHONVest.™
DO NOT leave your pet intentionally unattended while wearing a SHONVest™.

Vesting Pet DOES NOT Eliminate Owner Responsibility to Pet or Human Safety.